Asset Based Consulting (ABC) is disrupting the industry. But what is it? How can you, benefit from this and what is LeadingMile doing to drive the movement of Asset Based Consulting forward?


Consulting is an ever-evolving business. Nowadays it is no longer sufficient to just show up at a client as a subject matter expert, expecting to solve complex challenges or problems. More and more clients are realizing that their situation is not unique. To unlock the true potential of working with a consultancy partner, clients expect to benefit from reusable assets. And that is what asset based consulting is about.

Asset Based Consulting is the movement in the consulting industry dedicated to creating reusable solutions (assets)based on best practices. These reusable assets enable consultancies to deliver change more rapidly and with higher quality.

Asset Based Consulting goes against the traditional way that consulting used to be conducted. In the past, the true value of consulting was strictly tied to the consultants that would be placed on-site and bring unique experience or knowledge. Applying Asset based Consulting means that consultants can roll out pre-created frameworks and solutions and focus on the client specific challenges.



There are many benefits from using Asset Based Consulting, but in essence it is quick to market against lower costs and with measurable benefits.

We have deeply engrained Asset Based Consulting in the DNA of our company. As such, we are leading the way in the movement towards Asset Based Consulting, particularly in the alternative finance areas. We provide solutions to specific and generic problems by investing in generic solutions. This way we can focus on client specific challenges and make sure we add value where it really matters to our clients.

Our people are our main assets. Therefore we continually invest in bringing in only the best and brightest minds. We understand and appreciate the value that our consultants bring, not only to our clients but also to our own business. Our clients appreciate that we have the best people in the industry and this remains crucial as any solution requires to be embedded. From that perspective, our work remains bespoke.

The role of a consultant has evolved through time and will continue to evolve further over time. And even though the consultant is just as crucial as they used to be in the process, their role has shifted further with the introduction of Asset based Consulting. Our consultants are not strictly active with/for our clients, we also invest a lot of our time in creating reusable assets for our clients. This is of course much more demanding and challenging.

At LeadingMile, we don’t view Asset Based Consulting as just the latest trend in consulting. We see it as the basis of our way of working. Asset Based Consulting as such is deeply changing the industry and we have made this part of our DNA since establishment in 2017.

LeadingMile has developed and continues to build on a large set of tools and solutions that we can adopt for and deploy with our clients. We call this collection of tools and solutions our LeadingPoint suite. On an annual basis we have invested over 15% of our revenue in our assets, setting the standard for the industry.



In general, the main client benefits are extensive. Here are a few highlights:

Learn from others

By building upon our knowledge of what works in other environments, our solutions get better and better. The clients directly benefit from that experience in a pre-packaged way which makes roll-outs quick, painless and cheap.

Geographically the best solution

Due to COVID-19 all companies have been made aware of the possibilities of working remote. Asset Based Consulting also makes it possible to choose these solutions across borders which fits you as a client in the best way.

While traditional consulting projects require travel to on-site locations, Asset Based Consulting brings very scalable solutions that can be introduced and implemented anywhere, limiting travel and optimizing value for money. In most cases, the set up and maintenance can be done from any location as well as training- and customer support.

Measuring Progress

As information becomes more widely available, client expectations shift and clients are significantly more focused to see and measure the ROI. And it is precisely this, where Asset Based Consulting can make a difference as it is also much easier to measure progress and track the ROI of an Asset Based Consulting solution.

Minimize timelines

Clients have lost the appetite for lengthy implementation and transformation projects. It is no longer acceptable for complex deployments to take months. Companies (similar to our society as a whole) prefer repeatable, immediate and readily available solutions instead of waiting longer with unsure results. Off-the-shelf solutions are not just acceptable, they are even preferred over solutions that require lengthy customization activities. And nowadays, even internal productions need to be rolled out almost instantly. Movements to agile and dev-ops are clear and ready-made solutions are helping to realize a quick time to market.

Niche skills available for everyone

In addition to the above, ABC enables us to make our niche skills available widely for all clients. The in-depth knowledge of a complex solution is packaged into an asset which is rolled out across a larger client base in less time.


LeadingMile defines Asset Based Consulting as a way of conducting business. Not to deliver maximum value from LeadingMile’s perspective, but to achieve maximum value by always putting the interests of clients first and actively addressing and working towards the main goals of our client. The aim is to build lasting products and tools that will produce the benefits that traditional consultants could have realized over the course of a project, and let the client use them on a regular basis instead of regularly working with our consultants.

Our LeadingPoint toolkit offers solutions for:

  • System implementations
  • Project Management
  • Agile and continuous development
  • Business Intelligence and Data warehousing
  • Data Migrations
  • Data Quality
  • Data governance
  • Quality assurance
  • Automated Testing
  • Business Process optimization

Every item in the LeadingPoint toolkit, is a packaged solution which empowers our consultants to deliver excellence at our clients.

Our role is to provide tooling, software, frameworks and interfaces which enable our clients to get to measurable results as quickly as possible. Furthermore, by building these products and tools, we enhance the value that a consultant adds. By continuous investments in this strategy, our clients benefit from our partnerships not just on the shorts term but also on the long term.

Take our Test Automation Framework: It is not just a tool that enables quick turnaround, it is also preconfigured with standard test elements for specific software that our clients use. This way, clients are up and running in no time and we keep investing together with clients to make this experience more comprehensive each time it is implemented.

To summarize, using Asset Based Consulting tools and frameworks, the net value of the consulting investment will be much higher than just the consultancy services. This creates more value as the users can also utilize these skills once the consultant departs onto their next venture. Naturally, we provide support and guidance if necessary, but we truly deliver value by empowering our clients to implement the right solution at the right time, thus saving time and money.



Leading Mile is your key partner in bringing both packaged solutions and making measurable progress happen. We are committed to delivery on time and within the project scope. Learn more about our assets on our website and get in touch to learn how you can make use of our extensive experience.


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