Amsterdam / London, UK, April 8, 2024 – LeadingMile Consulting (“LeadingMile”), a European technology consultancy for the financial sector, is thrilled to unveil TARA for salesforce, a no-code, user friendly testing tool designedto revolutionize automated testing for salesforce users. TARA for salesforce comes out of the box and can be installed on-poremise or operate from the cloud, making it super easy to get staretd with TARA: Tesst automation made easy for salesforce users! 

LeadingMile introduces Test automation for Salesforce. Test automation made easy for salesforce.


TARA, software for automated testing and robotization, has evolved since 2019 and is proven technology in the investment sector. Through TARA for Salesforce, LeadingMile is now introducing a modular approach, to which other relevant systems will be added. This way, TARA allows for comprehensive testing across all critical components of an organization’s operations. Through seamless connectivity between best-in-class investment administration systems and Salesforce, TARA lets organizations identify and address potential issues early in the development or upgrade process. This lets customers minimize risks and potential damage to their business operations. Over the years, TARA’s ability to streamline testing processes across investment applications has boosted operational efficiency in client teams. And as many of the LeadingMile client base use salesforce for its CRM, this is a great next step in the modular setup of TARA.


Empowering Salesforce Users

“At LeadingMile, we believe in automating complex and labor intensive processes to drive efficiency and productivity,” said Martijn Voorhaar, LeadingMile founder and CEO. “With TARA for Salesforce, we have created a state-of-the-art tool that combines a powerful automated testing tool with unparalleled ease of use. By simplifying testing, we empower organizations at all levels to accelerate their time-to-market and achieve their business objectives.” On the modular setup of TARA he added: “We have implemented and refined TARA for Salesforce together with one of our valued clients. As TARA already serves a contingent of clients in other areas we are convinced that this tool can revolutionize testing in all areas. This means there is more to come in the future”.


How TARA for Salesforce makes the difference for Salesforce users

User friendly Test automation: TARA for Salesforce offers a no-code testing solution with an easy to use user interface. This allows users to design and run custom test cases without any coding knowledge. Its intuitive navigation and reporting streamlines the testing process, enabling quick and effortless creation and execution of tests.

Seamless Integration: TARA for Salesforce comes with everything you need to create test cases for Salesforce. But more than that, it also seamlessly integrates with any other web based system, ensuring compatibility with your existing tech stacks and maximizing flexibility for users.

TARA, battle tested and solid: TARA over the last 5 years has provided users with a centralized platform to easily build, manage, and maintain test cases. By eliminating the need for complex setups and manual processes. TARA empowers users to efficiently conduct testing tasks, now also for Salesforce. To enhance TARAs applicability for different applications and industries, we have created standard test repositories, saving you massive amounts of time and budget.

Reporting Dashboard: TARA’s reporting dashboard offers clear insights into test results, with easy to read error descriptions and screen prints. This enables users to track performance metrics and make data-driven decisions to improve their releases. You can schedule your test to run and simply check the results afterwards.


Custom demo’s

Test automation made easy for salesforce users: LeadingMile invites organizations interested in optimizing their Salesforce testing processes to visit the TARA for Salesforce page at https://tara-testing.com and register for a custom demo. Get in touch with LeadingMile to learn more about the connectivity broad spectrum of applications TARA optimizes testing for: https://www.tara-testing.com/contact/ or via https://www.leadingmile.com/contact


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