LeadingMile Consulting is proud to announce a partnership with a top-5 asset manager, active in The Netherlands. The acclaimed Asset Manager has chosen to implement our proprietary, state-of-the-art Test And Robotic Automation Framework (TARA).

The partnership and use of tooling, will enable them (among other things) to:

  • Cut back development time and increase the number of releases to production
  • Decrease test times by 70%
  • Achieve significant cost cuts
  • Have end-users design their own test cases and run them as often as needed
  • Reallocate resources to focus on delivering additional change


LeadingMile will provide consulting around the implementation and support and throughout the usage of our tooling kit. This partnership will provide a great opportunity for the client as well as for LeadingMile Consulting to add value through cutting edge technology, designed and created through innovation and research.

The Test and Robotic Automation tool (TARA) is part of LeadingMile Consulting’s Asset based Consulting strategy. LeadingMile has over the years developed Frameworks, interfaces and tools for clients to unlock the true potential of working with a consultancy partner through the use of reusable assets. The Test Automation toolset consists of multiple modules and is one of these assets. It is not just a tool that enables quick turnaround, it is also preconfigured with standard test elements for eFront Software, specific software that our clients use. This way, clients are up and running in no time and we keep investing together with them to make this experience more comprehensive each time it is implemented.

Client quote:

Since 2016 we are looking for test automation tooling, with a specific focus on regression testing.  Other clients of eFront are facing the same challenges already for years. It is constantly discussed with peers on the eFront user group conferences and annual forums […] In 2019 during the annual eFront Client forum User conference LeadingMile presented its solution for the automated testing […] Their test automation framework requires no coding and can be used for any Web application.’’


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