LeadingMile Consulting is proud to announce a partnership with a top5 asset manager, active in The Netherlands. The acclaimed Asset Manager has chosen to implement eFront Invest for their sizable alternative investment portfolio. As integration partner they have after a tender selected LeadingMile Consulting.

Currently, senior members of LMC are managing the overall programme as well as various work streams (Technical implementation, Data Migration and Business Intelligence). This programme is expected to run for over 1 year and will be run in close cooperation with eFront.

LeadingMile, a prominent partner of eFront,  will apply their proprietary implementation framework to lead and structure the large scale programme, spanning across multiple Asset classes (including Private Equity, Private Real Estate and Infrastructure). In addition, LeadingMile will apply the state-of-the-art data migration solution to migrate the multi-billion euro portfolios of various asset classes across to the new system.

Find out how LeadingMile Consulting can help you transition smoothly to any state-of-the-art Alternative Investment system.


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