LeadingMile Consulting and Independent Recruiters are proud to announce the renewal of the sponsorship of The Tonga Legends rugby team competing at the Amsterdam 7s International Rugby Tournament.
“After last year’s successful participation of the Tonga Legends we are proud to be able to support the Tonga Legend cause through this sponsorship. Together with Independent Recruiters and our full supporting cast consisting of many more volunteers, we are invested to make this year another great success.” said Martijn Voorhaar, CEO of LeadingMile.

The Amsterdam Rugby Sevens Tournament is a unique sporting event, providing the ultimate mix of high-level Rugby 7 matches, as well as plenty of room for networking and leisure on the vibrant rugby ground The National Rugby Centrum Amsterdam (NRCA) which is located in Amsterdam and situated on sports park De Eendracht. This years’ edition is taking place from 2 till 4 June 2023, we hope to see you there.

Get ready to see this years’ great team, consisting of many powerhouses and unique talents to the sport of Rugby. We are very excited to bring the Tonga Legends brotherhood grow and support each other on and off the field.

About Tonga Legends

The Tonga Legends are a group of current and former professional Rugby players who were invited and had the honor to play for the country of Tonga and are proud dedicated to helping the Tonga Legends and charity Rugby cause.

Some of the participating players have played an average of between 5 and 40 international matches, while a crop of our players have participated in Rugby World Championships in 2011, 2015 and 2019.

Many of the Tonga Legends players have come to England or France in their younger years to play professional rugby and are now proud to aid the Tonga Legend cause on a regular basis. Follow the Tonga Legends on Linkedin to catch the latest updates on players and their activities surround the Amsterdam 7s on: www.linkedin.com/tonga-legends

About The Amsterdam 7s

The Amsterdam 7s is a vibrant sporting tournament, where visitors and players can this year once again enjoy high-level rugby games. On the food & entertainment square, there are food bars with all kinds of good bites and drinks. This is the place to be where players and supporters come together creating the perfect exuberant atmosphere part of the “Rugby way of life”. Rugby is one family, even if you do not know or understand the rules.

About LeadingMile Consulting

LeadingMile is a dynamic, full-service consultancy firm specialising in solution implementation. We focus on the alternative investment sector, also serving the wider financial industry, including businesses in the asset management, wealth, pension, banking, and insurance sectors. Our consultants cover data, technology, strategy, business change, and testing, and bring the right sensitivity to problem-solving and solution provision.

As seasoned alternative investment professionals, we bring exceptional human capital, services, and technology to meet wide-ranging business and IT needs, whether it is system implementation, business intelligence, data migration, project management, test automation or asset based consulting.

About Independent Recruiters

Independent Recruiters is the recruitment business partner for staff positions in Finance, ICT, Sales & Marketing, Recruitment and HRM. We recruit professionals and managers of professionals all over the Netherlands. Together with our other labels; Independent Engineering, Independent Hospitality, Independent Life Sciences, Independent Professionals, Independent Public, Independent Retail and Independent Ability we have found new opportunities for hundreds of people since 2003.

In 2020 Independent became part of Talentor.com, an international recruitment network with over 250 consultants across 30 countries and 4 continents.


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