LONDON / AMSTERDAM March 21, 2022 – LeadingMile Consulting (“LeadingMile”), a European, full-service consultancy firm specialising in solution implementation for the alternative investment sector, and LemonEdge, a next-generation fund accounting platform for managers and service providers, are pleased to announce their strategic partnership.

LeadingMile and LemonEdge have joined forces to empower clients to leverage next-generation private equity fund accounting and administration technology alongside world-class implementation expertise.

“LemonEdge is an exciting product in this fast growing market, in which digitization is key. The flexibility of the product as well as the structure will enable our clients to set themselves up for a bright digital future. Our partnership will enable us to service clients in the European geography to benefit from state-of-the-art accounting software combined with our outstanding consultancy services.” said Martijn Voorhaar, LeadingMile founder and CEO.

As recognised digital transformation experts in the alternative investment industry, LeadingMile helps firms manage their data and reduce the overall IT and operational landscape. This means LeadingMile integrates all stakeholders in the investment lifecycle, ensuring that the very best solutions adapt quickly and successfully into a manager’s framework, ensuring long-term and measurable value for clients. LeadingMile’s strategy is focused on Asset Based Consulting, meaning LeadingMile offers clients tools and software to streamline their processes. Through this partnership, LeadingMile will be able to develop new assets as well as adopt existing assets to LemonEdge technology for new and existing clients.

“We’re delighted to partner with Martijn and his team across LeadingMile. LemonEdge is designed to help managers and services providers scale, with greater use of automation and efficient business practices – often the removal of Excel or other workaround solutions to the fund accounting and management processes.” Said Jamie Nascimento, co-founder and chief commercial officer. “Together with LeadingMile, firms can efficiently adopt our new technology.”

About LemonEdge

LemonEdge is the next-generation private equity fund accounting and administration software that enables firms to manage complexity and scalability through the automation of end-to-end processes. Backed by Blackstone Strategic Investments, LemonEdge offers waterfall technology, system-integrated Excel calculations, unrestricted scenario planning and an investor portal. All residing on an API-based, low-code platform for complex accounting, delivering the performance and fast custom requirements demanded by the industry with user experience centerstage. For further information, please visit https://www.lemonedge.com

About LeadingMile

LeadingMile is a dynamic, full-service consultancy firm specialising in solution implementation. Focusing on the alternative investment sector, LeadingMile also serves the wider financial industry, including businesses in the asset management, wealth, pension, banking, and insurance sectors. Our consultants cover data, technology, strategy, business change, and testing, and bring the right sensitivity to problem-solving and solution provision.

As seasoned alternative investment professionals, LeadingMile brings exceptional human capital, services, and technology to meet wide-ranging business and IT needs, whether it is system implementation, business intelligence, data migration, project management, BPO and Asset Based Consulting.



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