The Open Integration Layer, developed in partnership by CEPRES and LeadingMile Consulting provides users with superior data accuracy and precision when migrating data from third-party systems.


New York, NY, January 22, 2024 CEPRES, the award-winning provider of investment decision solutions for private markets, and  LeadingMile Consulting (“LeadingMile”), a European, full-service consultancy firm specialising in solution implementation for the alternative investment sector, are pleased to announce the development of a unique Open Integration Layer that enables CEPRES clients to integrate data from third-party systems into CEPRES’ Predictive Intelligence, a cutting edge portfolio simulation and tracking solution.


The Open Integration Layer is pre-configured to connect system data structures to those of CEPRES, letting users of third-party systems seamlessly integrate CEPRES data into their current tech stack.


Using a two-prong approach, users can utilize CEPRES’ Predictive Intelligence tool to gain unique insight into their data. Our Target Analysis approach consists of a multi factor model to derive unique TVPI distribution parameters for each single investment, while our Monte Carlo Simulation allows you to predict probability distributions, correlations, volatility, and to calculate TVPI simulations for each investment.


“Empowering our clients through seamless integration and precision-driven insights is at the core of our mission. Our collaboration with CEPRES exemplifies our commitment towards facilitating innovation and digitization for our clients in Alternative Investments”, said Martijn Voorhaar, LeadingMile founder and CEO.


As recognised experts in the alternative investment industry, LeadingMile helps clients manage their data and reduce overall operating risk. LeadingMile integrates all stakeholders in the investment lifecycle, ensuring that solutions adapt quickly and successfully into a firm’s framework.


At the centre of CEPRES’ comprehensive suite of solutions is the Digital Data Hub. This unique technology has made CEPRES the single largest dataflow manager of verified private markets intelligence. The Digital Data Hub currently encompasses transactional data on more than 12,500+ funds, 126,000+ deals, and operating data of $48+ trillion of invested companies and real assets as of December 31, 2023.


Dr. Daniel Schmidt, CEPRES Chief Executive Officer, said “At CEPRES, our mission is to ensure that clients have access to the most accurate, granular, actionable private market data available. Through our partnership with LeadingMile we’ve developed the Open Integration Layer API, seamlessly and effortlessly connecting external system data structures to those of CEPRES. Clients can now access and integrate their CEPRES data into their third-party system, allowing them to reap the benefits of the largest private market data ecosystem in the world.”

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