In 2019 LeadingMile Consulting launched their unique out of the box software to test any eFront solution. As a ground breaking next step, LeadingMile is offering all eFront clients the opportunity to try their state of the art test automation software for free. Find out what the software is and how you can get a free trial to pivot your business into a full agile dev-ops environment.

Have you ever had any of these issues? You have eFront running but a list of items you would like to improve. Then there is the recurring cycle of upgrades that you need to do. Every time you try make improvements you struggle for time from testers. If you have automated testing before, you are dependent on programmers, lack flexibility and stability. You want to decrease the length of your release cycles but can’t, you aim to work Agile or even DevOps, but aren’t able to reach this…



For all eFront clients facing issues like these, we have the ultimate solution. LeadingMile has over the past 4 years developed a strong no-code software framework to automate all eFront specific testing, which works out of the box. This means that there is no more need for dedicated developers and no need to block your valued business resources for every release. Literally any user can run and amend the tests. All we need to do is add your customization and you are good to go.

Now don’t take our word for it, listen to what our clients are saying about this exciting product. This is what one of the largest asset managers in Europe had to say: “We have been looking for the test automation tooling, with a specific focus on regression testing since 2016. It is constantly discussed with peers on user group conferences and annual forums.. The choice was made for Test Automation Framework (TAF) of LeadingMile”. This asset manager managed to run their extensive 150+ test cases automatically on our software in a matter of months. As a result not only did they save over 60% of time on their test efforts, they were able to increase their releases significantly and have since entered in a 5+ year agreement with us.

Now you can also experience how this automated test framework out of the box can help your organization achieve its goals. Get in touch with LeadingMile to receive your free trial. In less then a week we can install the software and provide automated test cases for different types of fund operations.


About the Test Automation Framework 

Our no-code test automation helps you focus on your core business. Our framework can be used with any web-based application in any sector, including for alternative investments and the wider financial services industry. For eFront clients we have specifically automated all fields and actions so you can use it out of the box. In combination with our extensive library for eFront Invest READY tests, you can really start off with all the tools you need. All we do is add your user defined fields and customization to TAF library and you can write your own test cases in MS excel or add these to our existing ones. This means no more large investments and no more coders that need to be on stand-by. We have created user friendly software that you can run yourself as well as create and adjust test cases for. It really couldn’t be easier.


 About the free trial


About LeadingMile 

LeadingMile is a dynamic, full-service consultancy firm specialising in solution implementation. We focus on the alternative investment sector, also serving the wider financial industry, including businesses in the asset management, wealth, pension, banking and insurance sectors. Our consultants cover data, technology, strategy, business change, and testing, and bring the right sensitivity to problem-solving and solution provision.


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