LeadingMile Consulting is proud to announce the implementation of Venture Capital portfolio administration system at one of our clientsOur client is a top DFI (Development Finance Institution) in Europe. Through this partnership, we enabled our client to play a critical part in the continuously growing start-up landscape in developing countries.  

Through the implemented solution, our client will be able to make better decisions, while managing their portfolio lifecycle. The complex VC framework with multiple investors, Funds and investees will allow the DFI to continue to grow their investments in start-up companies and small businesses that are believed to have long-term growth potential, as well as contribute to the sustainable development goals set out 

  • LeadingMile provided key resources during the implementation project, focussing among other things on the solution design, project management and testing of the solution. The solution included General Ledger interfacing, as well as extended reporting functionalities. 



We believe that venture capital is key in maintaining and accelerating a healthy business ecosystem. In the Netherlands and Amsterdam in particular, we are fortunate to have one of the major start-up ecosystems globally. Even though the future is bright, challenges are still a part of the journey for most corporations involved in venture capital.  

We are seeing a major shift in the business landscape. This consists of companies no longer putting their main focus on their core business, but into exploring new opportunities. The main shift we are seeing, is that a company’s success is no longer determined by its ability to make the most out of their main activities, but rather their ability to create value by exploring new ventures and opportunities within their respective ecosystem.  


Martijn Voorhaar, CEO at LeadingMile:  

ALeadingMile we believe we have the responsibility to play our part in our business ecosystem by adding value in several parts of this critical process. We are internally motivated to help our partners and clients make the best-informed decisions. 



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