By Martijn Voorhaar, Founder & CEO 
As we have closed off a hugely successful 2023 for LeadingMile, it’s time again to reflect on the milestones and growth achieved by LeadingMile throughout this positive year. It’s a little tradition in our young company. And this has been a year that is characterized not only by our further expansion of the team, but also by our investment in and commitment to innovative solutions for and together with our clients in the alternative investment industry. Throughout the year we have increased and strengthened our partnerships, which to me reflects how we invest in the future and long term.  



The year 2023 was marked by (a continuation of) war(s) and increased interest rates. While the Private Investment industry remained resilient, it was yet again a turbulent year. For LeadingMile it was the year to make a significant leap in expanding our service offerings. Through our commitment to providing Asset-Based Consulting and services, we have invested heavily in improving our existing solutions and utilizing newly created, bespoke tools.  

This long-term strategy has always allowed us to scale and these services significantly helped us grow throughout the year. We are especially proud that our solutions have served as a key difference maker during various digital transformation projects for our valued clients, and beyond. Due to our ambition of empowering our clients to innovate and thrive, we continue to invest in innovation and our knowledge base, while servicing the alternative investment industry with innovative solutions. To scale further we have added the largest number to date of new key people to our teams on our various locations.  


Deepening collaboration 

A focal point of the past year has been the broadening and deepening of our partnerships. While we have joined forces with several best-in-class service providers, we have also elevated our internal knowledge base regarding the most promising and beneficial systems for firms in Alternative Investments. These efforts have led to multiple joint initiatives, together with our trusted partners, from which our clients are benefiting continuously. One of which is about to be launched in January so I strongly recommend people to keep following us on LinkedIn. 


Client success and technological innovation 

The innovative foundation of LeadingMile lies in our deep knowledge of technology and the trust placed in us by our clients as a result of this. In 2023 we have validated and reinforced this trust through our dedication and commitment to improving our client-centric solutions and overall delivery capacities across our offices in Amsterdam, London and Belgrade and beyond. We remain focused on the international and European markets in which we are one of it not the market leader.  

The clients that have put their trust in TARA for their test automation has increased as has their success with the application. In 2023 we launched TARA 2.0 enabling us to manage tests even better. In 2024 we will launch a new version to enable a larger set of clients to benefit from TARA. In addition, we are investing heavily in broadening its application across our clients landscapes.  Lastly we will continue to invest in innovative solutions. As every company in this industry we see the potential of AI and LLMs and are applying our technology knowledge as well as that of the industry to benefit our clients. More reasons to follow us on LinkedIn! 


A word of thanks 

To our dedicated team, invaluable partners and our great clients I would like to express my gratitude. Your support and trust have been crucial to our achievements not only in this last year, but since our founding. The way we were able to seamlessly add an unprecedented number of new staff to our company is a true testimony to the positive, innovative and cooperative, client focused, culture we have built. As we move forward from last year’s accomplishments, we enter 2024 with great excitement and determination. The groundwork we have laid together positions us well for our upcoming client projects and change initiatives.  


We look forward to the opportunities and subsequent achievements that 2024 will present us and we are excited about the journey ahead.  


To a healthy, successful and happy 2024.  


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