By our founder & CEO, Martijn Voorhaar

As we start the new year, we traditionally reflect on what we have been through in the past year; how we have grown our business and client base, the challenges we faced and how we have managed to add value through it all. I would like to share my thoughts looking back but most of all looking forward on what is to come. 2022 has been a special year for LeadingMile, celebrating our fifth anniversary last November. We look back at 5 years where we encountered Brexit, Covid, inflation and much more. We are proud to say we are growing stronger with each year. 


At the start of last year we were still dealing with Covid and its restrictions. Despite all the challenges it presented us as a company we managed to build up a business in London in the midst of all restrictions in 2020. In 2022, while restrictions were reinstated internationally, we started the year building up a practice in Serbia with our local team of extremely talented and experienced consultants.   

For all challenges this presented, it also meant we changed our delivery model to a more international and remote based one. We firmly believe that remote working is here to stay. As a consultancy we have been one of front runners making this happen, but I also want to stress the necessity of this approach from a sustainability point of view.  

Sustainability has been one of our focus points doing business. Not just as an ESG practice for our clients, we also internally published our Sustainability policies and started defining how we want to achieve our internal ESG goals. 

Part of this journey will be to find a way to work closely together with our international client base and delivery teams while minimising travel impact. A challenge I hope our clients will fully support, given the importance of the matter. Last year I initially expressed hope but was eventually disappointed by the outcome of the Glasgow climate summit. Well, this years’ Sharm-el-Sheikh Climate Change Conference seemed even more disappointing. I repeat last years comment that hopefully (and for the sake of our children) we will see some positive results soon.  


During last year, as we exited the pandemic, we were confronted with something I hoped I would never see again with a war directly impacting most of Europe. In the wake of this we have all seen the impacts such as inflation (driven by gas prices and other factors) and rising interest rates. While it has had a deep impact on the private investment sector, we also see that despite all the challenges we are growing our client base.  

And not just our client base, our organization has also grown significantly, increasing our ability to deliver complex change in a very scarse market. While last year we announced the start of our Serbian business, we now look back to see how it has grown to be one of our key assets. What we have established In just one year, is substancially more than I could have anticipated on when we started this journey.  


I believe our growth is largely a result of our relentless focus on client outcome as well as on our unique strategy to offer proprietary solutions and invest in experienced, senior technical staff with unique knowledge. We have seen a large growth of our TARA client base and have invested heavily in our new product range. This includes our new product MIRA, for which we will soon have more news. Furthermore, for TARA we will have more news as we have completed the development of TARA 2.0 and are gradually rolling this out across our existing client base. TARA 2.0 will integrate more closely our ability to schedule runs, have results at your finger tips and offers a load of new features, accelerating the benefits of test automation for our clients . As we continue to invest in our products, we will continue this year with more news for clients, with more products to come. With all the news I expect in 2023, please do make sure you follow us on LinkedIn so you are on the front seat.  



Looking forward to the coming year, we are namely increasing our services with clients. Following our philosophy of Asset based Consulting, we already have a strong service channel for our software but we have added services for running and changing existing software too. Our current setup will allow us to scale up further to new territories, clients and solutions. Despite the rocky economical situation, we look forward with a lot of enthusiasm and trust. Due to our performance in recent years, we are well placed and have earned the trust of our clients to continue our growth.  

In addition, we look to work even more closely than before with our partners. Partners which we have built trust with over time and showed our ability to create a large knowledge base for. I am excited to see this recognised in a number of joined initiatives and projects. With new incoming clients on the horizon, we are extremely excited by the upcoming challenges and prospects to guide our clients through measurable progress in the New Year. 


Closing off 

I wish to thank everyone who has been involved at LeadingMile not only in the past year, but through our entire journey. Our people and partners are key, but our clients are what makes us tick.  

We are grateful for your trust and for embarking on this journey with us. I firmly believe that the investments we continue to make ensure that our clients continue to have a trusted expert partner in a specific niche market for years to come. We continue to strive to bring the best solutions tot the market. Keep an eye out for updates on our LinkedIn page as there is much exciting news to share starting Q1. I wish everyone a fantastic, healthy and safe 2023! 


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