By Carlos Borges Freitas

I am an experienced Business Intelligence specialist and have been part of the LeadingMile family for almost three years. My move has given me great opportunities to expand my knowledge while working for top notch clients as well as adding value internally. Before my journey in the financial industry I worked as a senior BI specialist in the aviation industry for over 12 years.



19th of August 2019:

Boarding a flight from South Africa, my wife said to me, “No promises, let’s see how this goes…”. A short and seemingly insignificant sentence that has led me to meet many new people and explore new places. Little did we know that 70 days later we would be relocating to the Netherlands. All of this started by having a simple conversation with LeadingMile Consulting (LMC).

When we took the plunge to relocate, we did so with the hope that we were making the right decision for our young family which would allow us to experience new opportunities. A pleasant surprise is that most Dutch speak English which made integrating into the community a lot less daunting than we expected. This allowed us to take in the culture and beauty of the Netherlands and the many nationalities that call it home.



Looking at my journey thus far, I recognize how my career has been impacted by this diverse team of go-getters. When I first joined the team, I was a bit apprehensive due to my limited experience in the FinTech industry. However, I quickly came to learn that LeadingMile trusts the capabilities of each team member. By trusting in my abilities LeadingMile had me engaging with clients and taking the lead role in projects in a short period of time.



This could not have been achieved had it not been for the culture at LMC which provides opportunities for team members to actively participate in the business and allowed me to contribute and share ideas. Martijn (CEO) and Herman’s (CTO) management style encourages the team to work autonomously and by keeping team meetings to a minimum, you never feel micromanaged. This approach empowers me to determine my own pace for success and try new things outside of my comfort zone.



Having a flat company structure means making discussions and collaborating with colleagues at all levels of the organisation easy. Collaborating with highly skilled colleagues I felt encouraged to ask questions and reach out when tackling problems. Realising new initiatives can be hard to achieve in large organisations but, due to the flat structure at LeadingMile, I have enjoyed contributing ideas and participating in initiatives that benefit our team and clients.

LeadingMile understands the importance of celebrating successes and achievements at team and individual level. The team is a highly skilled group of individuals that not only work hard but also know how to unwind and have fun. Despite the global pandemic complicating normal interactions, the team has found resourceful ways of catching up through video meetings and online games.



True to its Dutch roots, LeadingMile follows the principles that a balanced work and personal life are important to your wellbeing. Something that I had not given much thought to before and which had a significantly positive impact on my work. At the end of my workday I leave excited to spend time with my loved ones while motivated at the prospect of returning the following day to tackle a new problem. At LeadingMile, I have been given the opportunity to learn on the job while adding value at highly reputable clients.

Today, I sit at home preparing to connect with the team, my favourite drink in hand and plotting how I will “crush” my colleagues at a game of Uno. Thinking back to the insignificant sentence my wife said, I think to myself, “ It’s turned out really well, I should have done this sooner!”.



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Carlos Borges Freitas is a dedicated Senior BI Consultant who has contributed greatly to facilitate progress for our clients, as well as adding much value to the LeadingMile organisation. Are you interested in his insights on Business Intelligence or how he has made the difference through his experience and knowledge? Send him a message or contact us via [email protected]


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