Since founding LeadingMile Consulting in 2017, Herman has been the visionary behind the most effective data warehouse and other data practices at clients. Taking his vast experience of client needs into account he has been the driver behind LeadingMile’s MIRA offering. With a long and established career before founding LeadingMile, he has the experience with key data related technologies that many clients have an urgent need for. When asked what drives him, Herman responds: “I’m committed to helping clients reach their objectives. Not only being an active part of the entire journey, but helping them in setting up requirements and aiding them in finding what they truly want to achieve and how to achieve this.” 

Over the years Herman has designed several data and investment administration related solutions for clients, creating best practices and frameworks which clients can rely and build upon as their foundation. Guiding asset managers, LPs and GPs through elaborate and complex change, Herman has been a leading part of the Alternative Investments change community for over 5 years. 

Industry leading vision 

Having experience with designing the data landscape for companies outside our industry prior to founding LeadingMile, Herman was able to bring in unique ways of thinking and alternative perspectives when he started his journey within Asset Management many years ago. “I believe this experience along with my motivation to constantly expand my knowledge has given me the opportunity of solving client problems and setting up data practices that provide a solid base for the future.” 

“At LeadingMile we partner with clients in order to empower them. Through our journey, we have had the opportunity to have a major impact on a variety of industry-leading parties. This motivates me further to keep going on the path that we set for ourselves. Another major reason of our success lies in the fact that we have a tight knit team in place at LeadingMile, who bring together different perspectives and a variety of essential disciplines, expertise and experience. We nurture an open, collaborative and innovative work climate to bring out the best in everyone and assure the best possible client outcome“.  


Notable accomplishments with LeadingMile 

There are many occasions where Herman and his team were able set to work our innovative environment to achieve extraordinary client results, but what Herman likes most is all the occasions where the LeadingMile team was able to set up a data warehouses and big data practices from scratch. These occasions show most clearly the measurable progress at clients who from then on have relied exclusively on LeadingMile’s team for these types of projects. “On several occasions we have been brought in as sort of the last hope because several attempts to improve/achieve their goals had failed in the past. To be able to overcome the sceptics and deliver beyond what was expected gives great energy and motivation.” 


Work and leisure journeys

Outside of work, Herman is an avid cyclist who likes to push himself to learn more and become better. “There are a lot of similarities between a long cycling trip and for instance a long-standing project at a client. I set up a roadmap including my expectations, steadily progress to achieve the goals along the way, and at the end of my trip/project I need to have achieved my pre-set goals and I enjoy experiencing various milestones along the way. Finally, I thoroughly assess the journey I have just completed through hard data and my personal criteria. My cycling trips also provide me with an excellent way to distance myself physically from work-related scenarios and look at them from an entirely different perspective. The quarterly off-road cycling trips we have with LeadingMile definitely add to this way of thinking and overall team feeling.  

Want to learn more how Herman helps our clients to progress? Get in touch with us to discuss Herman’s vision on data: www.leadingmile.com/contact 



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