At LeadingMile, we see innovation as the driving factor behind our companies’ success as well as for the industry as a whole. Together with our clients we lead the way forward into a digital and ever evolving future. That’s why LeadingMile has made it a crucial part of their business and model for growth since the company was founded in 2017. The role of innovation within our company remains prominent and we see the industry going through a phase in which there is a great demand for ready to use solutions and other accelerated innovations, especially in IT 


Why now? 

We say, now more than ever. The global pandemic has given us much food for thought and new insights on market development in such strange times. We have already established[1] that while the market for alternative assets is growing, the winners of tomorrow are those companies that either apply economies of scale or find a suitable niche. Both require intensive digitization to allow for efficiencies and insights.  

We see that innovation has proved its merit among clients. But at the same time (IT and business) managers are struggling with budget cuts due to the global pandemic. A recent McKinsey study shows, most executives agree that innovating the business during these times will be criticalAt the same time, few feel equipped to face the challenges at hand, with only 21% of executives feeling as if they have the right resources at hand to do so.    


How we can help 

To innovate is to lead, which is exactly what LeadingMile’s ambition is for Alternative investments and the broader Financial Services industry. Our quest through innovation has led us to autonomously develop, release and maintain a specific software that is of great use to our clients.  

Many organizations within Alternative Investments deal with similar challenges. By having specific benchmarks in what we should invest on a yearly basis, we have been able to make the difference through our way of working (Asset Based Consulting) and our proprietary test automation software, Test Automation Framework Even through times of budget cuts and uncertainties, we make the difference. 



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