LeadingMile is eFront’s only official partner based in The Netherlands and with our success we are rapidly expanding across Europe. Through our market specific experience and knowledge we have helped many clients in Europe achieve excellence in using eFront’s market-leading software. We encounter organisations that have been utilising eFront Invest and eFront Portfolio Monitoring for various aspects of their business but are seeking to make full use of the possible advantages that the software and integration with third party systems can provide. Every company has its own unique challenges and opportunities and we are there to help you unlock the true potential of your (investment) data.  


Implementing new software 

Different organisations have different needs. Through our in-depth knowledge and experience of implementing Alternative Asset Management software we translate the wishes and demands of clients into a clear and state-of-the-art system landscape with efficient internal processes, resulting in measurable progress and advantages. For example, we specialise in making eFront Invest compatible with our clients’ existing legacy software and, if necessary, build additional solutions from the ground upwards.  We also have our proprietary software to facilitate the migration of many years of data into eFront Invest in a smooth and repeatable manner. In general, we seek to avoid heavy customisations so our clients’ system setup is as future proof as possible which makes it easily maintainable and compatible with future releases. We work with (and on behalf of) clients and eFront to realise the best outcome possible.



After founding LeadingMile in 2017, a need became apparent that almost all our clients face: whether it is for the recurring upgrade cycles or for continuous development which many organisations are striving towards, a major pain point is always the amount of repetitive testing that needs to be carried out and the key resources this takes up. When testing software, most organisations are limited by the need to do it manually.  

Recognising the burden this generally causes at clients, LeadingMile has designed and developed a cutting edge, out of the box, proprietary automated testing solution for Alternative Investment Managers. We call it TARA: Test and Robotic Automation. It is aimed specifically to help end-users of web-based software such as eFront Invest, but can readily be utilised in a much broader setting, enabling full automated workflow testing across multiple enterprise applications.

Our software has proven to cut down time and resources spent on testing by more than 50%. Not only quantitative and cost improvements have been made at our clients, also the quality of the tests conducted has been dramatically improved. Through TARA we combine quality improvements with the possibility of cheaper, more frequent testing with rapid turnaround times culminating in more frequent releases.  


Regulatory and ESG compliance 

Having our base in various European countries has given us the privilege of helping clients in several different judicial areas.  This practical familiarity with EU and Non-EU governance and compliance rules has given us insights on what we should take into account when helping clients set up an excellent data practice. Asset and fund managers are facing increasing regulatory and stakeholder demands and are looking to comply with new ESG principles at the same time. Having our eFront data experts assist you can make the difference with setting up comprehensive workflows, data (governance and) streams and combining robust reporting and BI functionalities with relevant auditing tools.    


Data warehousing and Business Intelligence 

While organisations look to utilise their data and increase the efficiency of their decision-making, it becomes apparent that there is a need to combine eFront data with other sources and utilise industry leading technology to unlock the full potential of your organisation. Our expert knowledge of the eFront software and alternative investment data plus our technical expertise on data warehousing and business intelligence enable us to help companies lead the way in this new era where data is the new oil. 


Upgrading your software 

While older versions of Alternative Asset Management software may operate to satisfaction, the support is often limited and the need for companies to stay current with their software and to include new functionalities increases. Many organisations are starting to realise the benefits that can come with implementing an upgrade to their current software package more frequently, especially in combination with scaling back on complicated (and often superfluous) legacy customisations. LeadingMile not only guides you through the process of upgrading, but also delivers excellence in the path leading up to the actual implementation. This can be by automating the testing or by analysis of internal processes and enhancements (sometimes outside of the core software) to scale back customisations. We constantly work hand-in-hand with vendors such as eFront to make sure our clients are completely covered throughout the whole technical upgrade and UAT process. As such we work for clients and on behalf of clients to realise the best results in the most efficient ways.  


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