Within the modern business landscape, in particular the modern financial services industry, data is the oil that keeps the machine running.
We understand that data plays a crucial part in making good or poor business decisions. Meaningful decisions cannot be accurately made based only on large data volumes. LeadingMile emphasizes the importance of Data Quality Management in data-related processes, which makes the difference between achieving goals or wasting time on repetitive processes trying to improve poor data quality.

LeadingMile has built a trustworthy and reliable track record with clients from various industries. Our team has undertaken a broad series of Financial Services projects which has impowered us to build a vast amount of knowledge in analyzing problems from the right perspective that benefit clients.

To assure the trustworthiness of any deliverable, we guide clients through our process, so you are assured of the highest standards. By explaining and emphasizing the process and underlying data step-by-step, we tell the story of your data in a compelling way. We show teams the advantages of having high quality data which benefits the project by having the buy-in of the team and leads to more successful implementations.

To make sure this standard is kept we hold an initial assessment of the data present within the company to find potential challenges that can be prevented. This up-front assessment saves valuable time. Identifying poor data quality early prevents impactions relating to time, cost, or resources at a later stage. During this process we continuously identify important and relevant data before sanitizing and analyzing.
We apply our knowledge, experience and pre-defined building blocks to any project which allows us to implement and add value rapidly.
LeadingMile knows the importance data quality plays in any implementation, data migration, data governance and Business Intelligence project.


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