Organizations in asset management are discovering that they often do not have the right information when they need it, thus not operating at their full potential. Many managers have postponed going through much needed digitization for a long time and are now facing the consequences of that.
Apart from factors within control of a manager, it can also occur that the speed of market developments outpaces the possibilities of certain teams. We are the factor that empowers your team to keep up with the latest technologies, enabling you to focus on your core business. 

LeadingMile Consulting has since its founding invested in solutions specifically for clients in the alternative investment space. Through advanced data science processes, deploying a cloud-based way of working, optimising business processes and even building its proprietary test automation software, LeadingMile has made progress possible for their clients.  

“Besides innovation, we are also focusing on broadening our knowledge base specifically in areas where we feel we can make the difference for clients. We invest heavily in our tooling and knowledge throughout the organization.’’ Said Martijn Voorhaar, CEO of LeadingMile Consulting. 

“Through our Agile project delivery model we have been able to fulfil our projects with clients on time and within budget scope. Companies are recognizing the advantages collaborating with us can bring them as we are in the market for some time now, giving us the opportunity to have more specific examples/experience to offer potential clients around data and the intel that decision makers can derive from that.” 

LeadingMile empowers companies to make the best decisions based on data science principles. Since we have broad experience in the market we know what can, and will probably not work. Our focus is empowering your business and creating data practices that cause relevant data to be available at the right time. According to clients we have served, internal stakeholder satisfaction revolving the usage and applicability of data has drastically improved.

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