Small organizations work best by limiting the number of BI solutions thus reducing the complexity of using BI solutions in their organization. As the business grows, the need for more robust BI solutions is needed to tackle new challenge and answer new questions.
Despite the fact that we encourage the use of multiple BI solutions, we have learnt that it does not automatically mean improvements in decision making. Aligning BI solutions across organizational silos is the key to harnessing the full power of BI.

We recognize the advantage that BI solutions bring in the decision-making process using as much available data without requiring long data collection lead times. The key to using BI effectively is to use the right tool at the right time in the strategic decision-making process. Effective BI enables decision makers to analyze, interpret and make well-informed decisions by utilizing easy to consume reports.



Our team has built a reputation for analyzing organization’s data landscapes critically and transforming them with robust solutions that enables stakeholder and decision makers access to key business data. Utilizing our knowledge and expertise we craft solutions that providing access to data that may not have been previously analyzed.

LeadingMile prides itself on the ability its team has in helping companies tell better stories about their existing and future data, helping them uncover new ways of analyzing. Our experts have knowledge across various BI tools which allows us to improve your existing BI solutions.

Having built our knowledge in the Financial Services Industry, we recognize that each organization interprets the same data in different ways. LeadingMile tailors each BI solution to the needs of the organization, stakeholders and decisions makers. Tailoring each BI solution empowers the organization to analyze their data from different perspectives in ways that are unique to their business and increasing the frequency of identifying opportunities that lead to better decisions.


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