Digital change in investment management

LeadingMile is your experienced partner when it comes to introducing and accelerating change in investment management. This ranges from report building and General Partner data warehouse setups to large scale cross-platform data warehouse developments for Limited Partners. Our growing Business Intelligence and Data Science capabilities offer clients the possibility to apply market leading concepts to their Alternative Finance data problems.  

We accelerate the process of ongoing change but are also seasoned in setting up these projects from the ground up. We have a proven track record of maximizing organisational efficiency and establishing solutions that provide a solid foundation and are future-proof for our clients .  

The right story 

Our client’s ambitions are our main focus and we accommodate the journey towards achieving those based on the data gathered. Change relies, not only on data gathering, but also using the data to tell the right story. We partner with our clients to ensure we not only achieve their short-term goals but also make sure they are well equipped for achieving their strategic ambitions. 


Our Model for Intelligence, Reporting and Analysis, MIRA in short, has been designed to reduce the complexity of data related projects such as Data Warehousing and Reporting. Through our intelligent data model, we offer an industry specific solution that vastly reduces the time spent on data gathering, cataloguing and reporting, allowing your organization to improve the quality, not just of your data, but also your key decision making and reporting to stakeholders and regulators. It excels in organisations with a high appetite for accuracy and need for data lineage insights. 

Asset Based Consulting 

We emphasize our philosophy of Asset Based Consulting throughout our organization and work at our clients. As such, we are leading the way in the movement towards Asset Based Consulting, particularly in investment management. We provide solutions to specific and generic problems by investing in proprietary solutions. Reusable assets enable your organisation to deliver change more rapidly and with higher quality. This way we can zone in on client specific challenges and focus on adding value to our clients where it really matters. 

“We approach data change wholistically, not only providing a solution that resolves an immediate problem, but a solution that is flexible to meet future needs.” – Herman Shao, CTO 

Get in touch 

Our team has knowledge in a wide range of tools meaning that solutions are customized to meet an organisations data strategy, whether Microsoft, Oracle, Tableau. We implement cutting edge solutions as well as tried and tested approaches which allows for a solid base that can be expended to meet future data needs. Want to find out how we can help your organization with data driven change? Get in touch and meet us for a coffee at: www.leadingmile.com/contact 



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