In today’s fast-paced business landscape, investment managers face a multitude of challenges when it comes to business intelligence and reporting. Mere data collection and report generation are no longer sufficient to meet the increasing demands for transparency and accuracy. In this article, we delve into the key areas where LeadingMile often assists Alternative Investment fund managers in optimizing their results.
Data Sourcing: Navigating complex landscapes

Sourcing data poses significant challenges for investment managers due to the complexity of modern business environments. With data dispersed across various sources, it becomes essential to align the interpretation of data across systems. Developing a comprehensive understanding of what the data signifies is crucial for accurate and meaningful reporting. Data is dynamic and constantly evolving. Ensuring comparisons are made between comparable data points and accessing the latest information at any given moment present ongoing challenges. Investment managers must implement strategies to address these challenges and maintain accuracy and relevance in their reporting. LeadingMile recognizes the importance of establishing a unified approach to data sourcing and can guide senior investment managers in overcoming these complexities.

Data Quality: Unleashing the power of high-quality data

Many companies believe their administrative systems provide adequate data quality. However, to truly unlock the power of data, a higher standard of quality is often required. LeadingMile has observed that data cleansing, enhancement, and enrichment are essential steps to elevate data quality. This ensures that end-users have access to accurate and reliable data, enabling them to make informed decisions based on a solid foundation of information. While having access to comprehensive data and interconnected systems is helpful, interpreting the data is not always a straightforward task. Different systems, originating from various points in time and may employ diverse interpretations of data. To ease reporting seamlessly across systems, a common data dictionary becomes paramount. This empowers end users to build their own queries, reports, and crucially, providing flexibility for data interpretation. LeadingMile has significant experience in data unification and guides investment managers in establishing coherent reporting frameworks.

Reporting across platforms: Harmonizing data for comprehensive insights

Many investment managers operate multiple connected core systems, necessitating reporting across systems or disciplines. Regulatory requirements and demands from internal and external stakeholders drive the need for robust data warehousing solutions. LeadingMile understands the complexities of reporting across platforms and can recommend and implement effective data warehousing solutions, ensuring seamless integration and harmonization of data for comprehensive insights.

Requirements: Building a solid foundation for everyone

Investing in technology is a long-term commitment and getting it right from the start is essential. Overcoming technical challenges and ensuring the correct implementation of technology solutions is critical for seamless business intelligence and reporting operations. To optimize business intelligence and reporting, it is crucial to begin with the end goal in mind. Reports should be investor-ready and provide flexibility for end users to drill down and modify reports as needed. LeadingMile helps clients build a solid foundation for their reporting initiatives and explore the desired outcomes, enabling investment managers to deliver reports that can adapt to the needs of their stakeholders.

How do clients benefit from the LeadingMile approach

LeadingMile takes a holistic view of each client’s systems and processes, with a particular focus on their reporting and business intelligence needs. Leveraging deep industry experience and partnerships with leading technology providers such as eFront, FIS Investran, Anaplan, Yardi, DealCloud, and more, LeadingMile recommends and integrates the ideal solutions into a new or existing technology infrastructure. This ensures accuracy and consistency of data, empowering investment managers to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

How do I benefit with LeadingMile?

Partnering with LeadingMile brings many benefits. LeadingMile offers packaged solutions and measurable progress, ensuring timely delivery within project scopes. Using extensive experience and expertise, LeadingMile can guide you in perfecting your business intelligence and reporting efforts, enabling you to stay ahead in the ever-evolving investment landscape. Get in touch with LeadingMile today to leverage our expertise and drive your success.


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